Al Kawthar Fund (A Shariah Compliant Fund)

Al Kawthar Fund is an open-ended investment fund established under the law of Oman. The Fund is registered and governed by regulation of Capital Market Authority (CMA), Oman.

It is a contractual arrangement between the Investors, and the Investment Manager, under which investors acquire Units providing a pro-rata entitlement to the net assets of the Fund on a divisible basis based on the terms and conditions.

The Fund's objective is to achieve capital appreciation primarily through investments in equities listed on the regulated stock markets of the member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Sukuks as per the Shariah principles as interpreted by the Shariah Advisor and the Shariah guidelines.

The Fund is managed by utilizing both a top down approach in order to determine country and sector allocations and a bottom up approach in order to make individual stock selections. The Fund is also take advantage of price distortions and arbitrage opportunities, which require an active management style.

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